Energy Reduction

With renewed interest in reducing energy costs and in turn reducing your impact on the environment, many companies are now looking at how savings can be made against their current lighting.

An efficient, well designed lighting solution can give a positive message to your staff and visitors, however, with various low-energy technologies now available, and others just coming to market, working out which is likely to be the most effective over the long-term for you may not be completely clear.

Before a decision can be safely made, all sorts of considerations should come into play, from the unit cost of the electricity, the operating hours for the lights and the current light levels through to issues such as the life expectancy of the site.

Envirolux addresses these issues head on. Instead of being product driven, we are requirements driven. Our site surveys produce a detailed inventory of your lighting and the locations and activities it serves, and using this as the starting point, our expertise allows us to carry out an item by item comparison of the energy performance and payback on investment of alternative technology and product upgrade solutions. From this, we can determine which products are best suited to meet the requirements of your business.

What emerges is a straightforward set of recommendations that combine to meet your requirements. Typically, a variety of products and/or technologies are involved, each one selected on the hard facts of performance, cost and payback on investment relative to the task it will be required to perform.

We will then work with you to refine the recommendations into an implementation plan. Depending on your resources, we can design, manufacture and deliver the agreed solution.